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"Eastertime in Brigadoon: Iron County Courthouse"

(aka, Picking the Tulips, aka, Through the Receding Storm)

Description:   Little girl still in pink winter coat with hood kneeling in grass to pick a tulip as sunlight breaks through following an early spring storm at county seat, rural Ironton, Missouri. The antebellum 'Iron County Courthouse' is one of the oldest nationally in use. Mother with daughter at left pace happily into view as doves alight in foreground.

Concept:   Through metaphor this design seeks to highlight the age-old human problem of law vs. mercy -- of when to be unforgiving and when to be patient, kind and merciful: The courthouse represents the law through which happiness can exist, e.g., the safety of the mother with daughter at left, but the little girl picking the tulip near the foreground is trespassing on private property. Aside from metaphor, my hope artistically was to complete a landscape that is both interesting and, perhaps --or, at least I hope, inspiring.    

Status:   Offered as an Open Edition Giclee Graphic print at, and as calendars, a greeting card, and as smaller prints at; links are at home 'Welcome' page here.   

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