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The Courthouse                                                                          Lavender Iris
(more selections pictured below)

        "Vanish Art"TM, signifying the vanishing, misty fogs of fictional Brigadoon, in an ordinary photocopy letter-size format, embossed*, from original art in crayon, pencil, or black India ink, unframed;  or, in a smaller, folded photocopy format as greetings, with envelope...

                "...And what is becoming obsolete and growing old is ready to vanish away."   ( Hebrews 8:13 )

                ".....vanish into the Highland mist."  -- Hollywood"s Brigadoon

Selection List:

    From Crayon:


Reflections--The Baptist Home

Reflections--On Lake Killarney

The Fountain--On the Links


Gazebo--The Courthouse Square

The Minivan--On the Courthouse Square

The Villa--One Lone Duck

Floral Arrangement--at the Bank

The Courthouse

The Depot

Immuel Evangelical  Lutheran Church, Pilot Knob

            Still Lifes:

Lavender Iris--Cameo

Lavender Rose--Fading Away

Cherries--For the Picking

    From Pencil--Black & White:


                     Fat Man's Squeeze--Elephant Rocks State Park

                    The Appraiser's Office (In the Afternoon Sun)

                    (Optional substitute:  1st Presbyterian Church)

    From Ink Wash--Black & White:


           Shepherd Mountain Lake--Through the Underbrush

           The Valley--From Route JJ



        Travel from the literal into the fictional -- from original art in various media, an ordinary photocopy, commemorating the fleeting transience of life's passing parade, as perhaps suggested in the original 1953 Hollywood production, Brigadoon, the fictional Scottish Highland village appearing now and then at the whim of every now-you-see-it, now-you-don't 100-year period -- "...out of the Highland mist" -- and, as perhaps suggested in the landscape of the Arcadia Valley area here--"Missouri's Brigadoon"-- home to the state's highest summit, Taum Sauk Lookout (at 1800 feet)--compare with Scotland's highest, Ben Nevis, at 4400 feet above sea level.

Prices, Unframed, Letter-size: *DISCONTINUED* Please see 'To Order' below.

           8 1/2 X 11 inches, embossed *(for approximate authentication purposes), each,  $22;  two or more, $18 each; six or more, $14.95 each.   Set of seventeen designs, your choice, $165.00.   Eight or more of one design, $11 each; 12 or more of one design, $8.00 each.

Prices, As Greetings: *DISCONTINUED* Please see 'To Order' below.

          An ordinary folded (known as "French fold") photocopy, 4 1/4" x 5 1/2", blank inside; with Missouri's BrigadoonTM label on reverse when available (and unless requested omitted); with linen envelope:

        Set of  seventeen designs, your choice, $49.95.

        Each, individually:  $6.00;   two or more, $5.00 each;   six or more, $4.00 each.

        Eight or more of one design, $3.50 ea;  12 or more of one design, 3.00 ea.

    "Artist's Choice",  set of ten, eight color, two b&w,$24.95.



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       Commissioned Vanish Art TM:  Vanish Art may be commissioned, in choice of three media-- crayon, pencil or black ink--of your landscape or still life subject, for one photocopy:  $100, plus applicable Missouri sales tax, plus any travel expenses, for the first economically and optionally framed copy($77 unframed), and $45($22 unframed) for each subsequent copy of the same design(less discount for multiple copies).  The copy is made using current, available color or black & white photocopy technology, on ordinary photocopy paper, lightly embossed in a lower corner for approximate authentication purposes. 

        Sale of the Commissioned Original may be by separate arrangement, including optional sale of the copyright
.  A typical sale of a commissioned, framed, Vanish ArtTM original, together with its unlimited copyright, not including sales tax or travel expenses, is $600.00.  Purchase of complete copyright implies the buyer's liberty to reproduce the specified art, at their discretion, in unlimited quantity.  A typical purchase of the same original art, minus the unlimited copyright, would be $350.00(including framing, not including sales tax or any travel expenses outside the local area). 

        Your landscape subject for commissioned Vanish ArtTM must be easily accessable, pre-arranged and the artist welcome. 
Artist reserves the right to post here a reproduction of your commissioned art (actual title identification can be obscured), unless by other agreement.  Artist reserves the right to refuse any or all commissions.  


Gazebo--The Courthouse Square                                                Fat Man's Squeeze - Elephant Rocks (pencil)    


  The Depot                                                       Immanuel Evangelical Lutheran Church, Pilot Knob


Reflections-The Baptist Home                                                             On Lake Killarney


First Presbyterian Church, Ironton (pencil, commissioned)               Cherries - For the Picking



           The Villa - One Lone Duck                                                                     The Valley (India Ink)                           


Shepherd Mtn. Lake -  Thru the Underbrush (India Ink)                Floral Arrangement - At the Bank


The Minivan - On the Courthouse Square                                            Lavender  Rose -  Fading  Away      


The Fountain - On the Links


Also Available (but not listed above):

Mandevilla, in Green Glass Vase                                                                 Autumn


American Home--not listed above (commissioned)         "Brigadoon" (also as a watercolor/giclee print--see                                                                                     "Brigadoon" page) not listed above


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